The Materials




With every design, Everyday Pieces gives you the freedom to choose from materials made from the earth. 



Chosen for their gentle processing methods, antimicrobial and biodegradable properties:


100% Linen - Small batch Eastern Europe linen is grown, and artisanaly spun and woven by OEKO-Tex standards with GOTS dyes.

100% Tencel Twill - OEKO-Tex Certified organic, and responsibly produced in Turkey. Tencel is made from sustainably harvested pulp of eucalyptus wood. In it's closed-loop process, where 98% of the water and chemicals used are continuously recycled.


Either way, you will find a soft yet durable fabric with a luxurious hand.






 Everyday Pieces_Linen Swatch_Kyanite


Lost Sea

Everyday Pieces_Linen Swatch_Lost Sea


Wild Rose

Everyday Pieces_Linen Swatch_Wild Rose


Black Tourmaline

Everyday Pieces_Linen Swatch_Black Tourmaline



Grey Moonstone

Everyday Pieces_Tencel Swatch_Grey Moonstone


Perennial Forest

Everyday Pieces_Tencel Swatch_Perennial Forest


Deep Indigo

Everyday Pieces_Tencel Swatch_Deep Indigo


Pale Turquoise 

Everyday Pieces_Tencel Swatch_Pale Turquoise 



Opting out of the convenience of plastic means things cost more initially, and you may need to occasionally mend your garment, but the cost in the long run is by far worth it. 

French and flat fell seeming ensures you will receive a high quality and long lasting garment. Here we are returning to artistry in clothing.


  • GOTS Certified Elastic, made from natural rubber & organic cotton, primarily used in the waistband of skirts and trousers, but occasionally on pant hems and sleeve cuffs as well. 


  • 100% Cotton Threads are used throughout seams and garment finishes to assure each piece will have the ability to one day fully decompose.