The Maker


Post photoshoot in Monte Strega, Italy. From left to right, Chiara, Eleonora, Bethany, Gaia.



Hello, my name is Bethany.

A seeker of truth and wisdom. A believer of magic in the everyday. Living for the moments in between and listening for the whispers on the wind. 


Everyday Pieces was very much born out of a remembering, a reconnecting with my inner child.


In reconnecting to what brought me joy as a child, I have been finding ways to carry that into life as an adult. The question that kept surfacing was: How I can use the skills I already have to create something beautiful, long-lasting and meaningful?


For years I worked in the fashion industry, where my awareness of the injustices grew with each new position. 


Moving to Finland in 2017, with the idea of starting over, allowed the time and space needed for truly gain some perspective. It was an incredible gift. To slow down and get quiet. 

Not long ago, I realised, that all the tools I needed, I already possessed.

And that my passion was still alive and well within me: To create for real women. Clothing for life. For movement. For all the the natural and beautiful changes that inevitably come with time.

And to share my thoughts on how to be more conscious of the choices we make and the ways in which they create a ripple effect.

The courage to create something has been slowly growing below the surface and the time for it to take root and emerge is absolutely now.