Balance, Freedom & Grace

When considering the implications of birthing another product into a world oversaturated with clothing, I asked myself: 

How can this be done meeting quality and ethical standards, with the highest good of all concerned?

An open field. Three powerful women, the embodiment of grace in nature.

First, by keeping Balance in focus at all times, which is at the core of
everything I do. Balance in connecting belief with action.

New clothing that meets age-old tradition by using artisanal construction methods. And by sourcing materials that support makers of mills who take their responsibility for production and its impact on the environment seriously; who have been involved in their trade for generations.

Creating with bio-based fabrics that will ultimately return to the soil from which they initially came. OEKO-Tex certified linen made from flax, tencel from sustainably-sourced eucalyptus and rubber from GOTS certified organic farms.


Woman in a turquoise linen dress, arms stretched wide, the mountain behind and the sun setting soon. Spinning herself into the breeze, hair flowing in the wind.

Freedom where possible.

With Everyday Pieces, I wanted to offer the freedom to choose a fabric that suits
your lifestyle and a colour that flatters you best.

Tencel & linen are both long-lasting, sustainably sourced and luxuriously breathable fabric options. Each with a pallet of four universally friendly colours.

If you think about each choice we make – from how roll out of bed in the morning to whether or not we hold that door open – they are like a drop in the ocean. You may not be able to see one clearly amongst all the others, but together, they make up something that holds a world full of mystery.


Woman wearing black, skirt flying as she twirls in a grassy mountain field as the sun sets across the landscape.

With Grace as the overarching theme, I wanted to make this collection durable, functional and easy to breathe and move in, while always considering the importance of quiet beauty with an underlying current of ferocity.